Cristiano Ronaldo did not only defy the laws of gravity to score a wonderful goal against Sampdoria on 18/12/2019 but also showed the world his athletics prowess when he scored a wonderful header during midweek match.

Reports have it that he lifted himself two and half metres high and stayed there for one and half seconds to score a screamer that sent the whole stadium into wild jubilation and celebration.

He just did it the Cristiano Ronaldo way…

He got up there and just told gravity to chill for sometime and allow him do the impossible.

And indirectly telling his lifelong sponsor “Nike” to start producing a new set of football boots to be called “Air Ronaldo”.

The header that changed the game.

Just some few minutes to the end of the first half , while the game was still 1:1, Alex Sandro( becoming his new Dani Carvajal) gave Ronaldo a nice cross and….

The rest is more than history…

It’s now even shaping the way football boots will be made in the future.

Ronaldo lifted above Sampdoria’s defender Nicola Murra, who is 25 years old( almost a decade younger the Portuguese playmaker).

And one special thing was that he didn’t make any form of contact or pushed the defender.

Trust Ronaldo, he knows when to take the shine and be the centre of attraction, as well as ‘centre of gravity’.

In the same day, barely one hour difference, when El clasico entered history books for the negative reasons with a boring goaless draw, Ronaldo took the spotlight and went viral with a sreamer of a header.


The law of gravity says “whatever goes up comes down”….

The law of Ronaldo (CR7) says “whatever goes up, can decide to stay up for sometime provided it has the necessary training and preparations”

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