Yesterday’s El clasico went down the history books for the wrong reasons as Real Madrid and Barça shared the spoils in a goaless encounter at camp Nou.

This was the first la liga El clasico to produce no goals since 2002(Messi and Ronaldo weren’t available then),

Ad it’s the second El clasico in 30 years without a goal.

The political tensions in and out of the pitch was so much felt like never before.

Barca had 3 yellow cards in the first half and Madrid none(so unusual), but El clasico won’t be complete if Sergio Ramos isn’t booked, and he got to the referee’s book with 4 other Madrid players in the second half.

It was also a boring El clasico by many standards, as real Madrid dominated play in the first half thanks to man-of-the match Casemiro and a bit in second half( something unheard of in Camp Nou).

While Barça’s goalkeeper was so busy in yesterday’s encounter, Gareth Bale’s goal was disallowed by VAR.

The absence of Sergio busquets was felt in the Barcelona’s midfield, as Jordi Alba did combine a lot with Messi.

Griezmann who made his first El clasico debut(with other 4 players) was almost absent in the first half of the game.

Eden Hazard would have played his first El clasico save for his injury and he would have combined well with Gareth Bale and benzema, but isco also did a good job last night.


Both teams stay at 36 points after 17 games with Barca topping the table with goals difference.

Madrid still remain unbeaten in la liga this season.

We all hope the April 2020 El clasico at Santiago Bernabeu stadium will bring in more goals.

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