Barcelona has decided to dispense with the services of the Cuatrecasas law firm for advising Messi on his intention to leave the Barça entity, according to Crónica Global. In fact, it was this dispatch that he urged the Argentine to send the burofax communicating his wishes to leave the club.

In the offices of the Camp Nou it has not been good that the law firm, with which Barcelona also usually worked, advised the footballer. This scenario has caused the Catalan club to break a long-standing relationship with the firm.

Leo Messi’s contract is cause for discord. The text contemplates that June 10 was the deadline for the player to communicate that the link was extinguished. Barcelona, ​​for its part, clings to this to determine that the Argentine can no longer leave unilaterally.

Leo’s lawyers, however, defend that, because the competition has been lengthened by the coronavirus, the date is not valid. In this sense, they appeal to the spirit of the clause and understand that Messi could communicate his decision to leave once the course was over.

Image: Marca




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