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I will sell all my earthly properties, do 3 jobs if needs be, save all the penny that I can just to travel down to the ancient Catalonia city and see the 8th and 9th wonders of the world in the same team.

But someone should wake me up from this dreamy state.

Are you really freaking kidding me?

I hope not.

But think of it, if the two greatest players of their generation could play for the same team..

Boy oh boy, it would have been a delight to watch.

Though their rivalry at different clubs which happens to produce the strongest club rivalry in modern football makes us glued to our T.V set.

Their eternal comparison gives the tabloids enough stories to make them smile always to the bank.

What would football have been in the last decade without these 2 international stars.

But for the first time, am made to look at this question from a different perspective.

What if the two have played together in the same club.

What would have happened if Barcelona lined up Messi and Ronaldo every week.

How would fans be eentertained with the two greatest players ever on the same pitch.

Are you thinking the same thing with me?

Messi-ronaldo in Barça:

Believe you me, I would rather not qualify for the UEFA champions league than get to the elite competition and face a Messi-ronaldo’s Barca in a semifinals or final.

It would spell disaster and I know that already.

I rather remain in the Spanish 2nd division than to play top flight football in la liga and meet these deadly duo in the same team.

Even though it would mean playing them twice in the whole season- am just afraid of the humiliation I might suffer.

Now just look at the big picture:

If Cristiano Ronaldo came to barca in 2008/09 which coincided with Barca’s ever best season 2008- 2012 in their history.

How devastating that team would have been?

You have a Pep Guardiola as a coach.

A team of defenders led by Carles Puyol.

Midfield being marshalled by the duo of Xavi-Iniesta and add a Sergio Busquets to that and you are always sure to have above 80% possession in all games.

Then put a forward line of Messi-ronaldo operating from the wings with a Samuel Eto’o or Henry Thierry in the centre forward.

This formation is better left imagined than discussed…

Am still looking for a word that I will use to describe the effect

Author: Okechukwu EkemezieThe football doctor, Passionate football writer.
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The football doctor, Passionate football writer.